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The Spurs put a scare in the Warriors that cannot be brushed aside


The Warriors won their fourth-straight game on Sunday, and if not for a 28-9 run to start the second half, a brilliant performance from Draymond Green, a fourth-quarter flurry from Steph Curry, and a clutch 3-pointer from Klay Thompson, the Warriors would have lost to Victor Wembanyama and the last-place Spurs.

Alas, it’s not yet Wembanyama’s time. He still has no idea what he’s doing on the court and he still scored 18 in the fourth quarter. Golden State won 117-113.

But that infinitely tall 20-year-old French kid in Texas put a solid scare in the Dubs Sunday. Beating him, and the Spurs took everything the Dubs had.

Wembanyama’s coming. He’s going to run this league one day. It’s the most obvious thing I’ve seen in the NBA since LeBron James entered the league 21 years ago. And that day of reckoning might come sooner than originally expected.

For the one-time league runners from Golden State — a team that boasts four Hall of Famers — the push required to win in San Antonio had to hit hard.

Yes, the Warriors have a lot going on these days. Their eyes are occupied.

One is on their daily opponent: Survive and advance. Another is on the Houston Rockets, who are pushing up on the Dubs from the depths of the Western Conference. They finally lost Sunday to the Mavericks after an 11-game winning streak.

But if this team has a third eye that’s open, it has to be focused on the future.

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