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The Price Is Right model plays hilarious April Fool’s prank on Drew Carey


Drew Carey on the red carpet
Drew got pranked on April Fool’s Day. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/S_bukley

No one can escape an April Fool’s prank, not even The Price Is Right host Drew Carey.

The powers that be went to great lengths to play a joke on the comedian.

Long-time The Price Is Right model Manuela Arbelaez was enlisted to help pull a fast one on the host.

The brunette beauty was all in on the April Fool’s joke that Drew never saw coming.

Manuela got a full makeover to look like a man for the prank.

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Then she popped up to surprise Drew at the most interesting time of the game show.

The Price is Right model plays hilarious April Fool’s prank on Drew Carey

Taking to Instagram, Manuela shared a video of what she went through to get one over on Drew, which kicked off with her in her car. The model revealed no one knew she was on set or in the lot and was snuck into hair and makeup.

Manuela captured her transformation into a man, including a mustache, a new hairdo, a hat, and makeup. The video reveals that next, she was snuck backstage into one of The Price Is Right games.

We see Manuela messing around backstage, having fun with the April Fool’s prank.

“People don’t know what’s coming. People are not ready,” she shares in the video.

Later, Drew can be seen being told to say hello to one of his most important crew members on the show in the middle of a contestant playing a game. Drew removes a number from the panel, only to have a disguised Manuela pop up.

Manuela gives him a high-five and says hello to contestant Patricia. At first, Drew seemed a bit confused, but he eventually got the gag and erupted in laughter.

There’s no question that the model pulled off the prank, and The Price Is Right fans were loving every minute of it.

The Price Is Right fans react to Drew Carey prank

Manuela and the official Instagram account for The Price Is Right shared the fun video clip and it earned rave reviews from fans as the comments section flooded with replies.

“Always a fun episode but that might have been the best prank ever. Don’t think Drew recognized you right away,” read one response.

Another called it “epic” and others laughed at the funny joke.

The Price Is Right fan comments
Price Is Right fans loved the joke. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“Loved it! Classic Price Is Right April’s Fool prank!” wrote another fan.

One fan thought the prank was “hilarious” and another echoed that they loved the episode.

More The Price Is Right comments
More Price Is Right fans weigh in. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

The Price Is Right model Manuela Arbelaez had some fun with host Drew Carey on April Fool’s Day. Drew got a chuckle out of it once he figured out what was going on.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Drew has said he loves his job on the CBS show. After the latest joke, we can certainly see why a good time would be had by all on The Price Is Right.

What did you think of the gag?

The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS.

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