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What to expect from the 2024 season


Julie BB25 DE
Julie Chen Moonves had an interesting hairstyle for a Big Brother 25 episode. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

A new season of Big Brother is on the way for this summer.

The producers have been holding live auditions, and applications to be on the BB26 cast have been open for a while.

Soon enough, Big Brother fans will be glued to the live feeds again, and social media users will debate who deserves to win.

The producers have kept certain things under wraps, including the theme and whether or not there is any stunt casting.

During the Big Brother 25 season, the producers dropped Survivor legend Cirie Field in the mix. She was a surprise addition and got to play with her son, Jared Fields.

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Below is a breakdown of what Big Brother fans should expect from BB26 and what we can look forward to this summer.

Big Brother 26 will likely be a shorter season, with a start date hitting sooner

The Big Brother 25 cast played the game for 100 days as CBS used the season to fill some primetime slots during Fall 2023.

Two Hollywood strikes delayed the production of scripted shows. It gave reality TV more room in September and October.

Since CBS won’t need BB26 to fill time before the return of the regular shows in September, the Big Brother season will likely be shorter.

We might also see a much earlier start date than last year, with the first episode arriving around the end of June or early July.

What will the Big Brother 26 schedule look like?

Recent seasons of Big Brother have aired new episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But BB25 adjusted it to Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It would not be surprising if CBS shifted back to the S-W-T format.

It’s also noteworthy that the Fourth of July is on a Thursday this year, which would interfere with an eviction episode if the show had started by then.

The calendar is wide open for Big Brother to return to beginning during the final week of June. They could have the first episode on Wednesday, June 26, and follow that with a second episode on Thursday, June 27.

Stay tuned for CBS to release its summer programming schedule in a few weeks.

Who is on the Big Brother 26 cast?

There is no news yet on the BB26 cast or possible returners. It’s been a while since the show used returning houseguests, so maybe this is the summer some people get a second chance.

With so many open auditions, it suggests the BB26 could be new people, but we will have to wait on confirmation from producers.

More details about the Big Brother 2024 season

A few additional details are known for the upcoming season that most die-hard fans already know.

Julie Chen Moonves remains the host. She has been with the show since Season 1 and is returning this summer.

The BB26 cast is also competing for a $750,000 prize this year. That prize was increased from $500,000 following the Big Brother 22 season.

Fans will also get to enjoy the Big Brother live feeds again. Paramount+ will carry the feeds and allow the addicts to spy on the houseguests.

As a reminder of who won Big Brother 25 last summer, the Instagram post below provides that recap.

News from the world of Big Brother

Nicole Anthony recently got married. She was on BB21 and BB22 and walked down the aisle with fellow Big Brother alums in attendance.

A feud between BB25 players is also ongoing. It has led to some social media drama.

Big Brother returns in the summer of 2024 on CBS.

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