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We ditched our 9 to 5s to live life to the fullest on a £38,000 boat


Becka and Zach have been sailing full-time since 2022 (Picture: mediadrumimages/@teulutribe)

A Gen Z couple said farewell to their corporate jobs on dry land to set sail for a life filled with adventure.

Zach Seward, from Hampshire, and Becka Eva, from Surrey, left their humdrum lives in England to travel the world.

The couple, who are both 26 years old, have so far clocked up over 5,000 miles and visited France, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Antigua Lesser Antilles and are now in Grenada in the Caribbean.

Prior to living on water, Zach was as an environment and sustainability business partner while Becka was a social researcher. In March 2022, they decided it was time to live their dream and purchased a 40ft 1987 Colvic Victor Ketch for £38,000 in Plymouth.

It took them more than three years to save and the first opportunity they had after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they started their new life. 

‘During the first lockdown in March 2020, Zach and I were shut in a room in my uni house together, and we were itching to see the world,’ Becka said.

Is the 9 to 5 worth it? Gen Z doesn’t think so

The Gen Z attitude about work has been a debated area this year.

Gen Z is the cohort born between the mid-1990s and the late 2000s. Questions swirled around whether the 9 to 5 is worth all the hassle after Natalie Marie on the careers podcast Demoted fumed about a member of staff who refused to attend a last-minute meeting because it clashed with their workout class.

People like TikToker Brielle Asero have been a voice for overworked Gen Z folks who are stressed out because of their demanding jobs and don’t have time to have any fun hobbies when they’re not on the clock. 

Brielle’s video sparked the usual barrage of unfair ‘Gen Z snowflake’ comments. However, according to data from LinkedIn, one in five workers believe it’s harder to achieve work-life balance now, compared to 20 years ago.

Of those, 57% think jobs are more demanding now, while nearly half say the constant connectivity that technology provides makes them ‘always contactable’, blurring the lines between work and personal life.

Commenters on Brielle’s video agreed. ‘The 40 hour work week is beyond outdated and your feelings are totally valid,’ wrote one user.

‘We didn’t want to take a plane everywhere and although van life is really cool, we really wanted to go to small remote islands, which would have been hard to get to on foot, let alone bringing a van to.

Once they had decided that the 1987 Colvic Victor ketch was the boat for them, they spent nearly £10,000 restoring and renovating the boat before they started sailing.

‘The moment we stepped on board, we knew somehow, we would make this our home,’ Becka recalled.

Although the boat was as far as they were concerned, nearly perfect, they had decided to add a few more touches before they set sail.

Becka and Zach enjoying France on their visit (Picture: mediadrumimages/@teulutribe)
Becka and Zach’s boat (Picture: mediadrumimages/@teulutribe)

They added safety gear, new batteries, redid the electrics, added solar panels and got the boat fully off grid, added a new VHF radio, another antenna as redundancy, took the mizzen mast down to inspect, replaced sea cocks and skin fittings, added anodes, and antifouled.

The whole restoration took around six months in total, and they began their sailing journey a week after they were completely finished in September 2022.

Becka and Zach have since sailed over 5,000-nautical miles and have lived on their sailboat full-time since starting their journey, apart from the odd stop to avoid dangerous stormy weather.

They didn’t have much boating experience and instead turned to books and YouTube for help along the way. 

‘We had both dingy sailed since we were young – Zach more than I – but in terms of big boats, we didn’t have too much experience,’ she said.

‘We crewed on a boat from Swansea to Cardiff about four months before we bought our boat, and did our Day Skippers – a week long qualification – but that was about it, until we hopped on our own boat.’

‘Asides from the course, almost no big boating experience.

‘But thanks to the incredibly kind boating community, we have learnt a tonne.

‘Also from books, YouTube and just by doing, even if it resulted in a few electric shocks along the way.’

However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Becka and Zach as they acknowledge that sailing life can be stressful and lonely at times, with the pair having their fair share of stressful moments on their journey.

‘It’s not the easiest life, It’s physically demanding, can be stressful at times and unless you speak to people and make friends where you go, it can be isolating being on a boat,’ she said.

‘Our engine did not start in the channel in Plymouth so we had to come into the marina under sail, being hit full force by a storm coming across the English Channel, just after leaving the UK.

Caption: Becka and Zach wanted to start their sailing journey after the COVID-19 pandemic (Picture: mediadrumimages/@teulutribe)

‘A Catamaran crashing into us in an anchorage in Martinique.

‘A week of 50mph winds in the middle of the Atlantic ocean when we crossed from Cape Verde in Africa to Antigua earlier this year.

‘We say that it’s ‘not always easy, but it’s always worth it’.

Although sea life can prove challenging at times for Becka and Zach, they see no plans in stopping their adventures any times soon, and plan on travelling all around the world.

‘We plan to do this as long as we enjoy it, simple,’ she said.

‘We would like to circumnavigate, but it’s not the goal as we don’t want to feel like our journey wasn’t complete unless we go the whole way around.

‘If anyone is thinking about getting into sailing and following a similar route, firstly, 100% go for it.

‘Life is short, and the world is wide.’

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