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Survivor 46 power alliance emerges ahead of merge: Will it work?


Hunter On Survivor 46
Hunter McKnight is a Survivor superfan and Season 46 castaway. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new Survivor 46 episode revealed a fresh power alliance that will try to control the game after the merge.

Given an opportunity to go on a Journey, Hunter McKnight, Tim Spicer, and Q Burdette jumped at the chance.

When they got to the beach for their Journey, they discussed aligning under their belief that they were the best “physical threats” in the game.

Hunter has continuously proven to be great at challenges and well-versed in how Survivor works. When he started talking about past seasons, it was clear he was a student of the game. Oh, and he also practices Survivor challenges at home.

But big threats often get targeted as soon as the merge happens, so it was also wise to try to find allies from the other tribes.

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A power alliance of six people on Survivor 46

Hunter, Q, and Tim agreed to form a six-person alliance after the merge; each bringing one person from their former tribes.

It was a bold move, especially since they were speaking for other people in the game without taking the discussion to them first.

Q said he would bring Tiffany Nicole Ervin from the Yanu Tribe, Tim volunteered Maria Shrime Gonzalez from the Siga Tribe, and Hunter named Tevin Davis from the Nami Tribe.

Later, Hunter had the chance to win an advantage. He had to display his Survivor knowledge by putting the past season’s logos in order. Hunter attempted the challenge, but failed it and lost his vote.

“If this whole plan works with Q and Tim. The Brochachos, like the meathead thing, that’s good for my game. Those connections going into merge could be worth a million dollars,” Hunter stated as he left the Journey.

Below is a social media post from a Survivor alum teasing that he could help Hunter with that Season 46 challenge.

More news from Survivor 46

Footage of the merge episode for Survivor 46 was revealed. It teases what’s coming for viewers.

Jess Chong has clapped back at some Survivor fans who she feels are going too far on social media. She shared an essay about her Survivor experience and revealed what fans didn’t see during the episodes.

Venus Vafa is featured in a new deleted scene from Survivor 46. The scene shows that she is unwilling to help her tribe, and she gives many reasons why she needs to conserve her energy. Does it work? Stay tuned to find out!

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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