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Supermarket makes major change to loyalty scheme to save you money


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Co-op has completely transformed its loyalty scheme — and it could mean more savings than ever for committed customers.

This is because Co-op’s member prices, which were previously only available in-store, are now available online too, shifting the grocery shopping game for good.

What are Co-op member prices?

Co-op member prices are lower prices for customers who signed up to the Co-op loyalty scheme.

It’s basically Tesco Clubcard, but for the Co-op.

Previously, Co-op member prices were only available in-store. But now, prices are available on the Co-op website, the Co-op app, and apps such as Uber Eats.

But it’s worth bearing in mind that for places like Uber Eats or the Co-op app, you’ll have to pay a delivery fee.

This fee is usually lower on the Co-op app though, at only 99p.

What items are priced down?

Examples of lower prices include 400g Co-op baked beans, (55p normally, 49p for members), six salad tomatoes (95p normally, 85p for members), whole cucumber (80p normally, or 72p for members), and the 800g Co-op loaf of bread, which costs 85p normally and just 76p for members.

How can you sign up?

There are three ways you can sign up, become a Co-op member and access member prices: by picking up a temporary card in-person at a shop, via the Co-op website, or by downloading the Co-op app in the app store.

All of them involve paying £1, because that gives you a share in the Co-op.

Chris Conway, Co-op eCommerce Director, told The Mirror: ‘Co-op Membership is a different way of doing business, we are focussed on creating value for our Member-owners who are at the very heart of our business.’

‘Growing and innovating our online channels is a fundamental part of our approach, and we are committed to providing greater benefits to those who own our business, our Member-owners, with savings across an extensive range and choice of everyday essentials and groceries ordered through our own online shop.’

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