Home News Oakland to offer A’s $97 million Coliseum lease extension: report

Oakland to offer A’s $97 million Coliseum lease extension: report


Oakland to offer A's $97 million Coliseum lease extension: report

Tuesday’s meeting between the A’s and Oakland officials is shaping up to be a key moment in deciding whether the team will stay at the Coliseum beyond 2024.

City officials plan to propose a five-year, $97 million extension of the team’s lease with an opt-out after three years, according to documents obtained by ESPN and ABC7. Even if the team leaves after three years, the city’s proposal would require the A’s to pay the full amount.

That creates a significant gulf between what the city is asking and what the A’s have offered — a two-year deal worth $17 million, according to ESPN’s report, which stated that the current lease is $1.5 million per year. If they stay the full five years, the annual cost would be $19.4 million; if they opt out, it would be $32.3 million.

A major incentive for the A’s to stay in Oakland is the reported $67 million in annual revenue from the team’s deal to broadcast games on NBC Sports California. If the team were to leave for Sacramento, one of two cities it has targeted outside of Oakland and Las Vegas, it could potentially continue broadcasting games on that channel for at least a portion of that deal.

This week’s meeting will be the third in a series of discussions since the sides began extension talks in February.

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