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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 4-01-24: Tate Black Is Finally Coming Home, But Everything Else is Chaos


It’s about damn time that Tate Black came home.

The teenager has been behind bars for months because he tried to save Holly Jonas’ life. Dirty cop Goldman claimed to have caught him with drugs, EJ insisted that Tate tried to kill his stepdaughter, and even Tate’s parents questioned whether he was telling the truth.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-01-24, Tate will finally come home, but will anyone admit they were wrong about him?

According to the spoiler video, Tate and Holly are about to become the latest star-crossed lovers in Salem. Theresa and Brady make it clear that they don’t want him to visit Holly, and he promises not to… then sneaks into the Dimera mansion and kisses her.

He is every bit his father’s son, defying everyone who knows better for a girl who so far does not seem like she is worth it.

Holly sneaked three cups of champagne before making her bold confession. She hasn’t redeemed herself, even if she did the right thing.

Points for only confessing in front of the affected people and not the whole town, but still. She’s not exactly girlfriend of the year material here.

Tate had come so close to realizing it. He journaled about how stupid he was to put his trust in her when she used him to get to Johnny and then refused to tell her parents the truth about how she got those drugs into her system that nearly killed her.

One phone call from Holly pretending to be his mother so that she could talk to him, and that all went out the window.


Holly’s confession sends everyone into a tailspin.

Does Eric’s support of Nicole mean they’re on their way back to each other?

Chad visits Abigail’s grave.

Johnny helps Chanel out at the bakery.

Everett shares what he learned in hypnosis, but Jada has her doubts.

Xander and Sarah try to prove his innocence to Rafe.

Tate finally comes home!

Paulina’s bill of health may not be as clean as she expects.

By the end of the week, a new actor will take over Tate’s role, as Jamie Martin Mann left Days of Our Lives to pursue a full-time education. He will be missed, but hopefully, newcomer Leo Howard will do just as well in the role.

Meanwhile, Holly’s confession will cause a lot of trouble for everyone. The spoiler video suggests that Brady will unleash his fury on her, which is well deserved, considering how selfish Holly has been.

Not so cool: Eric will offer Nicole support, making EJ jealous. I’ve had more than enough of this. Why does Nicole and Eric’s friendship always get ruined by a love triangle?

Eric and Nicole never work out. EJ and Nicole are the better couple, despite EJ’s obnoxious self-righteousness lately. However, the showrunners have this obsession with Eric and Nicole as a couple, so here we are again.

Please scroll down to read all eight spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-01-24.

Holly’s confession sends everyone into a tailspin.

Holly didn’t want to confess that the drugs were hers because she was afraid of Nicole falling apart. From the spoiler video, it doesn’t appear she was far off the mark.

Nicole will be devastated, but will EJ even believe this? He’s decided that Tate is a juvenile delinquent who is a bad influence on Holly when it’s the other way around.

No one’s listened to Holly the other times she’s tried to tell them that Tate doesn’t belong in jail, but this time, she’s gotten through to some people — and the aftermath will be the type of delicious soapy drama that keeps viewers glued to their screens.

Does Eric’s support of Nicole mean they’re on their way back to each other?

Eric already knew — he was the one who encouraged Holly to confess.

He’ll probably be calmer and better at supporting Nicole in the immediate aftermath of this revelation. EJ’s been accepting of their friendship, but this will probably be a bridge too far for him.

Sadly, it appears that EJ and Nicole will soon unravel. When the other secret comes out about the baby being Eric and Nicole’s, that’ll probably be the final nail in their coffin.

Chad visits Abigail’s grave.

Chad again has a heart-to-heart with his late wife.

It’s unclear what prompted this. Spoilers haven’t said anything about Marci Miller returning, but could Chad have another ghostly visit from Abigail?

He and Stephanie are drifting back toward each other now that Stephanie knows the truth about Everett/Bobby, so maybe this visit will convince Chad to move on (again.).

Johnny helps Chanel out at the bakery.

These may be the lighthearted, romantic scenes that Days of Our Lives has been missing for far too long.

Chanel is overwhelmed at the bakery now that she no longer has an assistant, and Johnny steps in to help. There won’t be any tainted biscuit dough with him by her side.

This will be fun! Hopefully, there’s nothing too dark on the horizon for this couple despite the rumors that they’ll find Clyde Weston hanging out at the Horton Cabin.

Everett shares what he learned in hypnosis, but Jada has her doubts.

Jada continues to be skeptical after hearing what Bobby/Everett has to say, but soon, she’ll have a bigger problem.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 4-01-24, Jada learns that she and Bobby Stein were never legally divorced.

That’s a problem since she’s with Rafe now. Bobby/Everett might turn around and smirk that she’s as much of a cheater as he allegedly is.

Xander and Sarah try to prove his innocence to Rafe.

Only in Salem do criminal defendants have to review evidence with the police commissioner and demonstrate that he’s barking up the wrong tree.

Hopefully, Rafe will be convinced by Xander’s evidence. If he is and Xander is exonerated, that’ll mean that two of the three people EJ sent away because he wanted to believe they were guilty have finally gotten justice.

With a track record like that, how can EJ remain the district attorney?

Tate finally comes home!

I’m thrilled that Tate will finally get to say goodbye to that rehab center he was in for no reason.

Holly should take his place there. She may have learned her lesson about drugs, but she seems to be becoming an alcoholic. Just saying.

Tate’s parents will be happy he’s home but won’t like that he’s using his newfound freedom to visit Holly. Now that he’s no longer locked up, they have less control over who he sees, and they may have to learn that the hard way.

Paulina’s bill of health may not be as clean as she expects.

Paulina’s been celebrating ever since her miraculous healing from severe heart disease, but she’s forgotten the reason she was in the hospital in the first place.

She had her thyroid removed because of cancer and hasn’t got confirmation that all the cancer has been removed yet.

Hopefully, it has been, but this is a soap opera, so she likely will have to undergo chemo next. Maybe Kate can give her some encouragement since Kate beat lung cancer.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

What spoilers are you looking forward to or dreading? What are your theories about what will happen next?

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