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Official: Iran Among Few Countries With Isotope Separation Technology


Iran is on the list of the few countries that have acquired the indigenous knowledge and technology of separating isotopes at home by its scientists, the deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said.

In an interview with Fars news agency, Ali Noroozi touched on the AEOI’s achievements during the past Iranian year, which finished on March 20.

He said, “In the past year, the Department of Advanced Technologies introduced two products, the first one is related to the separation of tellurium isotopes, and the other one is the manufacture of spectrophotometer equipment, which is used in nuclear fusion.”

Noroozi explained that spectrophotometer is a highly accurate advanced diagnostic tool in nuclear fusion, and since the device is indigenously built, it puts Iran among the few countries in the world that possess the technology.

The atomic agency organization’s deputy head said Iran is planning to expand its peaceful nuclear programs in the Persian New Year, adding “We expect to gain a deserved status in the field of nuclear fusion in the next few years.”

Noroozi further noted that Iran is planning to unveil the stable isotope separation chain of iridium in the New Year, which he said is an important matter and a big step forward in radiography and diagnostic issues that have been hit hard by US-led Western sanctions.

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