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Letters: Science of reading | Reverse devastation


Letters: Science of reading | Reverse devastation

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Science of reading
will help students

As the superintendent of schools for the Palo Alto Unified School District, I have witnessed firsthand the transformation of students who struggled under our previous early literacy methods but flourished after aligning our approach with the science of reading.

Of the more than 900 elementary students who were one or more grade levels behind in 2022, 54% have now achieved or surpassed grade level. For two consecutive years, we have led the state in third grade reading growth among low-income Hispanic students.

The best part? Our success is replicable, and the steps to achieve it are outlined in Assemblymember Rubio’s bill, AB 2222. We cannot accept that 70% of our most marginalized students are unable to read proficiently, especially in light of success stories and proven approaches.

I urge us all to support this critical legislation. Together, we can address literacy inequities and unlock a brighter future for all our children.

Don Austin
Palo Alto

World must reverse
devastation in Gaza

The most impactful issue facing the world today is the long-term Israeli oppression of the Gaza Palestinians.

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