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Big Brother 25 drama as America calls Jared a misogynist


Jared BB25 Episode 12
Jared Fields was considered by some viewers to be a Big Brother villain. Pic credit: CBS

Some Big Brother 25 drama surfaced (again) on social media between America Lopez and Jared Fields.

America and Jared were on the BB25 cast, but both came up short in their quest to win the $750,000.

Jared was sent home early in the season after trying to play both sides of the house. It was part of an attempt to keep it a secret that fellow player Cirie Fields is his mom.

America made it to the jury phase of the season but got evicted a bit before the final weeks happened. America then voted for Jag Bains to win on the finale night.

As a reminder, Jag beat Matt Klotz to become the Big Brother 25 winner. Bowie Jane finished in third place, and Cameron Hardin was named America’s Favorite Houseguest.

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Cory Wurtenberger and America began a showmance in the Big Brother house that has continued into the real world. That piece of information is important regarding the new social media dust-up.

Jared and America take shots at each other

In a now-deleted X post, America called Jared a misogynist. Jared, for his part, hopes that social media users are seeing the true colors of America and Cory, but things aren’t going his way on X.

It isn’t the first time he has been referred to as one. Many Big Brother fans suggested the same thing during the Big Brother 25 season.

Even one of his main alliance members (Izzy Gleicher) had problems with some of Jared’s comments in the Big Brother house and on the live feeds.

The conversation below is one primary example.

Big Brother fans react to Jared’s posts

A Big Brother fan with the user name @RealityFan100 shaded Jared and how he played the game.

“You were one of the worst Big Brother players ever. You got caught in many lies. When watching feeds I would switch cameras every time you were having your endless senseless talks,” they wrote.

Jared BB25 Fan
BB25 fan shades Jared. Pic credit: @Realityfan100/X

Jared responded, writing, “And here you are commenting.”

It led to a back-and-forth between the two X users.

“Yes I am. You were hard to watch. It wasn’t enjoyable tv when you were onscreen,” the Big Brother fan wrote.

“Not only did you continue to watch but you continue to give me your attention in other words love you also,” Jared responded.

“No. I continued to watch because I love the show of Big Brother. I said when watching live feeds I switched cameras after listening to you senseless rambling about everything. You did not even know how the game was played,” the BB25 fan responded, in part.

“And that I can respect if you don’t like the game I played all good I can care less to debate with you on that,” Jared wrote.

More Jared BB25 Comments
BB25 fan shades Jared. Pic credit: @Realityfan100/X

Many more Big Brother fans also shared video clips from the live feeds where they felt Jared was displaying misogynist thoughts.

Likely, this won’t be the end of the America and Jared feud as more and more Big Brother fans and alums see what is transpiring.

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