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Steve Harvey abruptly stops Fast Money round when Family Feud contestant’s answer stuns him


steve harvey Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony at the W Hollywood Hotel on May 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA
Steve makes a speech at the W Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie-nelson

A Family Feud contestant’s answer was so off the wall that it stopped Steve Harvey in his tracks and left him speechless.

Steve Harvey is known for his quick wit, so it’s not often that he is lost for words.

But a contestant named Peggy pulled off an unlikely task, leaving Steve stuck dumb.

During the Voron family’s Fast Money round, Peggy was the first of her team’s family members to answer Steve’s rapid-fire questions.

Peggy took her spot on stage next to Steve as her 20-second countdown began, and Steve read her five questions off his cue card.

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Peggy breezed through her first three questions, but when Steve got to the fourth one, her answer threw him for a loop.

Peggy’s answer ‘shuts up’ Steve Harvey during her Fast Money round

Steve’s fourth question asked Peggy, “Tell me how much reward you’d offer for your lost dog.”

Without hesitation, Peggy answered, “A million dollars.”

Before Steve got to Peggy’s fifth question — with only five seconds left on the timer — the 67-year-old abruptly stopped the round, and the buzzer sounded, ending the round.

The crowd erupted into laughter as Steve looked at his producers and told them with a serious expression, “I’m sorry.”

Steve continued to mouth “I’m sorry” several more times before he composed himself enough to speak again.

Since Steve cut Peggy’s round short, he allowed her to answer the fifth question without timing her.

When it came time to review her answers on the board, Peggy did well until they got to the fourth question.

Her answer, “A million dollars,” produced zero points and Steve joked, “You one of those sweet people with their animals.”

Family Feud viewers react to Steve and Peggy’s exchange

Not only did the Family Feud studio audience get a kick out of Peggy’s answer, but so did viewers at home.

Taking to the comments section of the clip — shared on YouTube and captioned “Peggy’s answer SHUTS UP Steve Harvey in Fast Money!!” — Family Feud viewers weighed in on Peggy’s answer.

One YouTube user found the humor in Peggy’s answer, commenting, “Wtf really one million dollars for a lost dog,” along with a slew of laughing-face emojis.

familyl feud viewers comment on peggy's fast money round answers on youtube
Family Feud fans weigh in. Pic credit: @FamilyFeud/YouTube


“If she has a million dollars to give for finding her dog what is she doing playing family feud, lol, petty change for a millionaire,” joked another commenter.

Some viewers failed to find the humor in the exchange.

@jonathandillon2100 wrote, “Steve needs to learn to stop thinking about people’s answers and just worry about reading the next question from now on. Right?”

But, in Steve’s defense, another Family Feud fan pointed out that it’s part of Steve’s job to entertain the viewers.

“He’s supposed to make jokes and keep things funny during the show; I’m sure it’s hard to turn that off at the end to do fast money,” replied @xzonia1. “His mind is too quick.”

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