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Robin Roberts tells fans ‘lay down your regrets’ ahead of potential GMA absence


robin roberts face shot from march 28 2024 gma
Robin Roberts appeared on the March 28 episode of Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts shared an intriguing message with fans ahead of her possible absence from the show.

Roberts appeared on GMA this week, usually along with co-anchors Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos wasn’t in the studio on Thursday with them as he was on assignment in London. Rebecca Jarvis replaced him next to Strahan and Roberts.

However, Roberts might be missing from the lineup when the show airs next on ABC.

Before her potential absence, she uploaded a new video for fans and followers, including suggestions for the days ahead.

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Among the advice she passed on was to “lay down your regrets,” which some may have believed was a reference to her personal life.

Roberts says to ‘lay down your regrets’ in her latest message

On Thursday morning, those following Roberts on Instagram saw her latest video, which featured a morning message.

Roberts regularly shares these messages throughout the week before her appearances on GMA. They often include helpful lessons or motivation for life’s struggles or challenges and a prayer.

She appeared in Thursday’s video from her dressing room with the “Glam Fam,” her crew of stylists, standing nearby.

“We’re off the road and back with you for the morning message and prayer,” Roberts shared after greeting viewers and her crew.

She spoke about people often waiting “to enjoy life” only after accomplishing some goal they’ve set. That might include waiting until the “kids are raised,” “our spouse is changed,” or “we get that promotion.”

“Joy is always in the future when we cross another finish line,” she said, adding, “So we’re always rushing to the next thing. The problem is there is always something that keeps us upset.”

Roberts explained that the key is to, “find joy in the journey.”

She said that reminded her of a song she wrote with India Arie called Beautiful Day.

“Life is a journey, not a destination. There are no mistakes, just chances we’ve taken. Lay down your regrets because all we have is now,” she recited from the song’s lyrics.

Roberts then delivered the daily prayer to her fans and followers, advising them to “enjoy the blessings” already in their lives.

“Good morning! Glam Fam & I back from our work travel in time to hear what you’re most grateful for on this #ThankfulThursday 🙏🏾 #HappyFridayEve 💃🏾,” Roberts wrote in her IG post’s caption.

Towards the end of the video, the camera view shifted toward the Glam Fam as one of the women spoke about being part of a journey this past weekend.

She said she learned so much during that journey and thanked Roberts for allowing them to participate. Although Roberts recently took a vacation, the particular journey wasn’t specified.

The video closed as Roberts pointed out a sign on the wall behind the Glam Fam that said, “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.”

Roberts recently vacationed with GMA co-stars

It’s unclear if Roberts will appear in the GMA studio on Friday, March 29, or if she’ll remain there while a colleague is on assignment. She’s been off many Fridays in the past, though.

That included last Friday, as Roberts and several other familiar faces from ABC’s morning program missed Good Morning America.

Social media posts revealed that she was on vacation with her wife, Amber Laign, co-workers Will Reeve and Sam Champion, and other friends.

Monsters and Critics reported about the group’s trip to the Bahamas for fun and sun away from New York City.

“The tradition continues. The #TravelSquad is reunited and it feels so good. @lapalmeraiebahamas,” a post from the beach on Roberts’ Instagram said.

Another IG post from Roberts’ friends, Tommy DiDario and Emily Kaufman, featured a video clip of the group. They swayed and waved their hands together poolside at a hotel as Weezer’s song Island In The Sun played.

“We’re not sad that it’s over, we’re happy that it happened. Until next time. #TravelSquad @lapalmeraiebahamas,” the IG caption said, suggesting the group thoroughly enjoyed another one of their journeys together.

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