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MAFS alum Stacia Karcher recounts nightmare date with mystery man


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Stacia Karcher recounts a dating story. Pic credit: Lifetime

Dating in California is not for the faint of heart, which explains why Stacia Karcher tried a different approach to have experts find her perfect match on Married at First Sight a few years ago.

That didn’t work out as planned, so she’s back in these dating streets and let’s say, it’s not going well.

The former MAFS star recounted a date with a mystery man that initially seemed promising until it started to go downhill.

Stacia has kept her personal life off social media since we saw her on the show in Season 15 when she was matched with Nate Barnes.

Though things seemed promising for the couple, Stacia got a lot of heat from viewers for wanting things to progress too quickly during the eight-week experiment.

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Ultimately, Stacia and Nate realized they were not on the same page and opted to end their marriage.

MAFS star Stacia Karcher recounts a date that quickly turned sour

The MAFS star was a guest on Do I IntimiDATE You where she shared the story of a dating prospect that quickly turned sour.

Stacia set the stage by revealing she had met the older, divorced gentleman at a bar, and they had a great conversation.

“We were talking for like two hours,” said Stacia, who noted that they later exchanged numbers and started to chat via text.

Things took a turn however when he asked for her social media handle and the L. A native explained why that’s a no-no.

“With Instagram, I’m kind of a troll, so I do not want that to be used as a way to try and gauge who I am,” said Stacia. “I want you to be able to judge me based off of my actions…and not something online.”

While the mystery man wasn’t too happy that she wasn’t willing to share her IG, they got over that and set up a date a few days later.

Stacia’s mystery man cancels their date after discovering her Instagram page

Things took a turn for the divorced MAFS star on the day the date was supposed to happen.

The mystery man found Stacia’s Instagram page and was very upset that she had thousands of followers.

“You told me that your IG was top secret. Obviously, it is not, since 87 thousand followers and anyone else in the world can follow you…except me,” he said in the text.

After accusing her of playing games and treating him like a “f**king idiot” he also told Stacia that she lost his respect.

“You owe me a sincere apology and it better be sincere,” he said before adding, “Our date tonight is canceled.”

Stacia did not give him the apology he demanded.

“I’m baffled by both the audacity and tone of your message,” responded Stacia. “You will not be getting an apology because I did nothing wrong.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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