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President Raisi: Iran Is Proud Of Supporting Palestine  


Raisi made the remark in a meeting with head of the political Bureau of the Palestinian movement of Hamas, Ismail Haniyah in Tehran on Wednesday.

Raisi said the courageous resistance of the people of Gaza in the face of the Israeli aggression turned the Palestinian issue into a global issue.

The Iranian president noted that Operation al-Aqsa Flood inflicted an irreparable defeat on the Zionist regime.

Raisi added that today, Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups, with their bravery and struggle, and the oppressed Palestinian children, with their pure blood, have proven that the biggest war crime and genocide in history was committed in Gaza with the support of the US, which is deplorable.

Haniyah for his part said the religious and ideological approach to supporting Palestine stems from the profound view of the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Haniyah’s visit to Tehran comes after the UN Security Council passed a resolution, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza on Monday.

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