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Ben Willougby calls out Captain Kerry Titheradge amid new Below Deck feud


Ben and Captain Kerry on Below Deck Season 11
Ben and Captain Kerry are the latest Below Deck stars to feud. Pic credit: Bravo

The drama isn’t just playing out on-screen on Below Deck Season 11, as a new feud appears to be heating up off-screen.

It seems things are not all rosy between new bosun Ben Willoughby and Captain Kerry Titheradge.

This week, Captain Kerry spoke out. He said Ben wasn’t his first choice to be bosun after Jared Woodin was fired.

The captain also alluded to Ben not lasting until the end of Season 11.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the rumor mill is now buzzing Ben will be fired after Captain Kerry’s remark and the mid-season trailer.

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Following the captain’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ben has called out Captain Kerry and defended his work ethic.

Ben Willoughby calls out Captain Kerry Titheradge in new Below Deck feud

Taking to Instagram, Ben revealed he has released a statement in defense of what Captain Kerry said about him during his EW interview which was filled with negativity about the bosun.

“It’s very unfortunate that Captain Kerry decided to speak out regarding my role as Bosun on the current season of Below Deck and eluding that I ‘may not make the whole season’ but everyone will see as the episodes play out,” he wrote.

Ben went on to call out the captain and express his disappointment while defending his work as a yachtie.

“With all due respect to Captain Kerry, I’m disappointed that he appears to be insinuating a false claim on my work ethic and career, which could gravely damage my reputation and character in an industry that I have worked hard in and grown in for 5+ years now,” Ben ended his statement.

What did Below Deck star Captain Kerry Titheradge say about Ben Willoughby?

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Captain Kerry admitted that Ben was good at his job but struggled to stay focused and understand the chain of command.

Even though Ben wasn’t the captain’s first choice to be bosun, Ben had one thing going for him. Captain Kerry knew that Ben knew St. David like the back of his hand, having worked on the yacht in Season 10.

That helped Captain Kerry have faith that Ben could get the job done. Unfortunately, Ben’s messy love life plays a part in his ability to be a Bosun.

“That was part of the conversation I had with him about having to act differently amongst the other crew. I wasn’t officially aware,” Captain Kerry shared about Ben’s relationship with Sunny Marquis.

The captain knew that Ben had a messy love life on Below Deck Season 10 but hoped that with his new role that would not be the case, especially with a new captain in charge.

“I give everyone a fresh start,” he expressed to the outlet. “Was hoping that he would react to a different style of leadership later in the season more than once. He came quite close to things not being very good for him.”

A war of words has begun between Captain Kerry Titheradge and Bosun Ben Willoughby.

Their off-screen drama has certainly set the stage for what’s coming on Season 11 of Below Deck, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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