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Animal Control TV Show on FOX: Season Two Viewer Votes – canceled + renewed TV shows, ratings


Animal Control TV show on FOX: canceled or renewed for season 3?

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Frank still prefers dealing with animals over humans in the second season of FOX’s Animal Control TV show. As we all know, Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether a TV show like Animal Control is cancelled or renewed for season three. Unfortunately, most of us do not live in Nielsen households. Because many viewers feel frustrated when their viewing habits and opinions aren’t considered, we invite you to rate all of the second season episodes of Animal Control here.

A FOX single-camera workplace comedy series, the Animal Control TV show stars Joel McHale, Michael Rowland, Vella Lovell, Ravi Patel, and Grace Palmer, with Gerry Dee and Krystal Smith recurring. Guests in season two include Ken Jeong, Sarah Chalke, Thomas Lennon, Chelsea Frei, and Larry Joe Campbell. In the story, Frank Shaw (McHale) is an opinionated, eccentric Animal Control officer. A former cop, Frank tried to expose corruption in his department, but his efforts got him fired, which may explain why he’s so cynical. He has an almost superhuman ability to understand animals while humans are more of a mystery. Frank’s partner, Fred “Shred” Taylor (Rowland), is an optimistic rookie. They both report to Emily Price (Lovell), their sweet-natured and endearingly awkward boss. Amit Patel (Patel) and Victoria Sands (Palmer) are also partners in the Animal Control office but are complete opposites. Meanwhile, Templeton Dudge (Dee) is the mean-spirited Canadian commissioner of the Seattle Animal Control Officers.

What do you think? Which season two episodes of the Animal Control TV series do you rate as wonderful, terrible, or somewhere between? Are you glad Animal Control has been renewed for a third season on FOX?

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