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The Pitt: Max Gives Series Order to Hospital Drama Starring Noah Wyle – canceled + renewed TV shows, ratings


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Noah Wyle is headed back to the emergency room. Max ordered The Pitt from John Wells Production. The new series will have R. Scott Gemmill as showrunner. The pair last worked together on the NBC series ER, which aired for 15 seasons before ending in 2009. Fifteen episodes have been ordered for this new medical drama.

Max revealed, “The Pitt is a realistic examination of the challenges facing healthcare workers in today’s America as seen through the lens of the frontline heroes working in a modern-day hospital in Pittsburgh.”

Scott Gemmill, Noah Wyle, and John Wells, executive producers, said the following about the series:

“We are grateful to Warner Bros. Television and Max for giving us this opportunity to return to the world of urban medicine. The myriad of challenges facing the doctors, nurses, technicians, patients, and their families who work in the trenches of modern medicine have become only more pronounced in the decade and a half since we last visited their stories. We’re thrilled to be able to return to this world with the support of our partners and are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of dramatic realism and medical accuracy in following the lives of these heroic men and women.”

Sarah Aubrey, Head of Max Original Programming, also said, “Collaborating with the visionary talents of John Wells, R. Scott Gemmill, and Noah Wyle to develop this new series has already been an exhilarating process. Their passion, creativity, and dedication to storytelling elevate every aspect of the project, and together, we’re poised to deliver a compelling and authentic portrayal of today’s medical world that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.”

The premiere date for The Pitt will be announced later.

What do you think? Are you planning to watch this new Max series?

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