Home News The Dandy Warhols still rule OK on latest album ‘Rockmaker’

The Dandy Warhols still rule OK on latest album ‘Rockmaker’


The Dandy Warhols still rule OK on latest album 'Rockmaker'

Here are three new albums worth checking out:

“Rockmaker,” The Dandy Warhols

We’re a little miffed with The Dandy Warhols right now, given that our favorite Portland, Oregon rock band didn’t include a Bay Area date on its most recent tour. Yet, that’s certainly not going to stop us from playing the group’s latest album — “Rockmaker” — over and over again.

It’s yet another worthy offering from this great quartet — consisting of vocalist-guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor, multi-instrumentalist Zia McCabe, drummer Brent DeBoer and Peter Holmström (who is one of our favorite guitarists on the planet). It’s also an all-star affair, featuring Frank Black of the Pixies on the wonderfully titled “Danzig with Myself,” Debbie Harry of Blondie on “I Will Never Stop Loving You” and both Slash of Guns N’ Roses and James Mercer of The Shins on “I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem.”

“Heaven’s Frequency,” Meredith Andrews

The amazing singer-songwriter has had much success with her studio offerings, which include the double-Dove-Award-winning 2010 set “As Long as It Takes.” The North Carolina native is now back with a live album that features the powerful singles “The Lamb, The Lion, The King” and “Always Do.”

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