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Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella reveals new milestone in cancer battle and support from football player


isabella strahan face shot from hopsital for her youtube video update
Isabella Strahan shared a new milestone in her battle with brain cancer. Pic credit: @IsabellaStrahan/YouTube

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella Strahan, is continuing her health journey following last year’s diagnosis of medulloblastoma and successful surgery to remove a brain tumor.

In a recent video update, she revealed she was back in the hospital for more chemotherapy.

Her twin sister Sophia, their aunt, and grandmother were in the room for an early part of the video to offer support.

Later, Michael’s girlfriend, Kayla Quick, handled the filming as Isabella had some blood drawn from her port. She sat up afterward and told the staff that it didn’t “hurt at all.”

At that moment, Michael made a cameo in the video, seen wearing a dark cap and sweatshirt as he sat next to his daughter’s bed and looked at his phone.

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The Good Morning America anchor continued to support his 19-year-old daughter as she completed another milestone with her cancer battle.

Isabella completed ‘Chemo round two’ in her latest update

Based on Isabella’s March 26 video, she completed a second cycle of chemotherapy treatments at the Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in North Carolina.

“Hey vlog, last day of chemo,” Isabella said, indicating she still had to get fluids.

She revealed her plans included making some salad and “stay hydrated.”

During the video, Isabella also showed off the drawings she’d done while there, including a colorful card to show love for her grandmother and a drawing of Monsters Inc. character Mike Wazowski.

Isabella revealed she’d started chemotherapy treatments within the past month and also had to get another surgery after she experienced several fevers, resulting in hospital visits and stays.

In a previous health update, she spent time with her twin sister, father, and his girlfriend as they attended a Duke basketball game.

During her latest update, Isabella also spoke about an individual she’d been in contact with who was going through a situation like hers.

Isabella shared a ‘Pray for Greg’ shout-out and story

In parts of Isabella’s health update video, she and others wore black sweatshirts with “Pray for Greg” and a football player’s image printed on them.

Sophia, Kayla, Michael, and Isabella posed for a photo while wearing the shirts.

“Sending Love to Greg Brooks” appeared in red and blue text with a white heart framing the group picture in the video.

During the video, Isabella mentioned her Good Morning America interview from earlier this year.

It featured her alongside her father as his GMA co-anchor, Robin Roberts, interviewed them about Isabella’s diagnosis and recovery.

In her new vlog, she discussed part of that GMA interview in which she referenced someone she’d reached out to.

Greg Brooks, Jr., a Louisiana State University football player, received the same diagnosis as Isabella. According to Sports Illustrated, Brooks played the first two games of LSU’s 2023 football season before learning a mass was inside his head.

That led to Brooks’ diagnosis of medulloblastoma last year. He underwent emergency surgery in September, followed by additional procedures, and is now receiving chemotherapy treatments.

Per SI’s report, The Greg Brooks, Jr. Victory Fund was established to assist with Brooks’ medical expenses and raised over $100,000.

Isabella said her initial attempts to contact Brooks didn’t work out, but after sharing her story on GMA, she later received a message from his grandmother. At the time, Isabella was vacationing.

Isabella shared that Brooks initially thought he had vertigo causing him issues, just like she had thought she had before receiving the medulloblastoma diagnosis.

“It was crazy because I was like so inspired by him, and like all my messages get sent to hidden requests…So I was in the Bahamas with like my away time between radiation and chemo, and I decided to just look at five names, and one of them was Greg’s grandmother,” she revealed.

She shared that Brooks wasn’t using his phone as much, so he hadn’t seen her initial message.

“Go check Greg’s story out. He’s very inspiring. He’s the one I keep in very close touch with, and I can’t wait to meet him in person one day,” Isabella said, adding, “He’s the sweetest, and I just love the family.”

“Shout out Mama Brooks because she’s the one who reached out,” she said, telling everyone to buy a “Pray for Greg Brooks” sweatshirt.

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