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[Is Dante leaving General Hospital?


Dominic Zamprogna as Dante on GH
Dante remains in a coma on GH. Pic credit: ABC

The fate of General Hospital’s Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) has fans freaking out that another fan favorite is headed for an exit.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Dante was shot, but the character remains in a coma.

While that really isn’t that much time in the soap world, it’s only been days in Port Charles, GH fans are still worried about Dante.

The character is still fighting for his life after being shot by Jason’s (Steve Burton) associate.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Dante’s family is summoned to his hospital room before the week is over.

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The teaser hopefully means that answers are coming about the fate of Dante.

Is Dante leaving General Hospital?

All signs point to Dante not leaving General Hospital. Although Dominic has left the ABC soap twice before in the past, the actor seems perfectly happy where he is right now.

Aside from Dominic not indicating he wants to leave, the writers certainly wouldn’t write the character off-screen via a coma. That happened when the show opted to have Lulu (Emme Rylan) exit the canvas, so having both of Rocco’s (Finn Carr) comatose would not sit well with GH fans.

The reason for Dante not waking up yet likely has to do with simply causing more drama in the wake of Jason being alive. A preview video for General Hospital reveals that Jason heads to court to be arraigned for shooting Dante, causing a divide among his friends and family.

Dante knows Jason didn’t shoot him, waking him up too early won’t give the show the friction that’s coming as battlelines are drawn regarding Jason.

Let’s just hope when Dante wakes up, he hasn’t lost his memory like Ned (Wally Kurth) did last summer.

As GH fans wait for Dante to wake up, social media has been buzzing about who Sam (Kelly Monaco) should be with now that Jason is back in town.

General Hospital fans weigh in on Team Sante or Team JaSam debate

X (formerly Twitter) has been all the rage, with GH fans taking sides in whether Sam is better with Dante or Jason.

“Sam would never let Dante quit on her. She has been here around the clock sitting with him” ❤️ #sante #gh” read an X.

A different X user wrote, “I have been looking forward to this day. Bring on the #JaSam reunion! #GHBring me that #Stelly magic!I”

“If that were me, I would have chosen you” Dante chose Sam, has throughout. Puts her 1st & relationship. Has her back, been a constant she can rely on. Allows her 2b herself, loves her more for it. Showers her with the worth she deserves. Hope tomorrow is reunion day #Sante #GH” declared a Sante fan.

One JaSam fan didn’t hold back expressing hope for a reunion soon, sharing “Jason’s look whenever Sam has some hard truths to deliver. I expect today to be hard, but I would not have it any other way for these two soulmates. It’s worth fighting for, they’re worth fighting for. ❤️#JaSam #GH.”

There’s so much going down on General Hospital this week. Make sure to tune in daily to see if Dante wakes and Sam face off with Jason.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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