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Does Ben get fired on Below Deck Season 11?


Ben Willoughby on Below Deck Season 11
Captan Kerry has issues with Ben on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 11 has hit the halfway point with new crew members coming aboard and new rumors heating up.

Ben Willoughby was promoted to bosun after Jared Woodin was fired.

The move was something Below Deck fans saw coming from day one when it was clear Jared wouldn’t last the whole season.

It turns out though, that Ben wasn’t Captain Kerry Titheradge’s first choice to take on the bosun role.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ben has admitted that trouble arose between him and Captain Kerry this season and greatly impacted their relationship.

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All this, plus the midseason trailer, has the rumor mill going crazy that Ben gets a plane ticket home.

Does Ben get fired on Below Deck Season 11?

In the midseason trailer, we see Captain Kerry losing it on a crew member before sending someone home. Flashes of several of the crew members flash across the screen, including Ben.

At first glance, all signs pointed to Chef Anthony Iracane getting his walking papers. After all, RHONY alum Jill Zarin goes off on a tangent about the food before we see Anthony break down.

However, now there’s a lot of speculation that Ben won’t make it until the end of Season 11.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Captain Kerry didn’t hold back from getting real about Ben’s future on the

“He may not make the whole season,” the captain expressed to the outlet.

Ben has a tendency to let his personal life impact his work life. We saw that on Season 10 of Below Deck after Camille Lamb was fired.

It looks like history repeats itself this season, with new stew Paris Fields catching Ben’s eye from the get-go. Considering he’s in a boatmance with his deckhand Sunny Marquis, Ben faces more personal life drama of his own making that will no doubt affect his bosun job.

So, is Ben getting fired?

Honestly, at this point, it wouldn’t be surprising based on what he said about his relationship with Captain Kerry and what the captain said about Ben.

The one reason why Ben might make it to the end is that it would be a challenge to find a bosun this late in the season.

What has Ben Willoughby said about Below Deck Season 11 crew turnover?

Fraser Olender and Ben previously shared that Below Deck Season 11 has a significant crew turnover rate. The chief stew confirmed that he makes it all season long, while Ben did not address going the distance.

Ben also admitted a familiar face joins the crew at some point. Neither the new deckhand nor the new stew are familiar, which means more crew firings are coming.

We know that either Barbie Pascual or Xandi Olivier leave because in the initial trailer for the season, Ben slams Fraser in a fight, declaring the interior team has lost more people than the deck team.

Season 11 of Below Deck has officially entered the back half, and the rumor mill’s buzzing new Bosun Ben Willoughby gets fired. Keep watching to find out if this happens.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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