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Awakening’ takes fans to Arrakis and forces them to survive a wasteland


“Dune” may not seem like a natural setting for a survival MMO. Players explore the desert planet of Arrakis and resources appear scarce, but the developers at Funcom are huge fans of Frank Herbert’s work and heavily influenced by director Denis Villeneuve’s films. They know there’s more under the surface, and the team led by creative director Joel Bylos mined the lore and books to create a project that’s shaping up to be unexpectedly rich.

At a hands-off GDC demo, Byblos showed the media the character creation process and early parts of “Dune: Awakening.” Players begin as a prisoner set in front of the Reverend Mother. Players create a look for their avatar, using a diverse array of options. Players can look like a person from Caladan, the ancestral home of the Atreides family, or they can opt for the bald stylings of someone from Giedi Prime and House Harkonnen.

Whatever the case, players have plenty of options including a choice of their background. As a prisoner, that part of character creation will be under duress as the Reverend Mother holds a poison pin to the neck as she interviews the protagonist. Players answer questions about their origin and pick a dialogue trait, which includes being honorable, political or nobility. This gives players distinct chat options when conversing. The last choice gives players a starting set of abilities as they describe their mentor.

Further in the game, players will discover skill trees. They can gain abilities from different disciplines, including Bene Gesserit and Planetologist. Players can mix and match different skills from the classes. They can bring three active abilities and three techniques. The active abilities are skills that players have control over such as the ability to use a hunter-seeker while techniques offer more passive perks.

From there, the protagonist is sent to Arrakis where the ship is immediately shot down. It’s not a hospitable place, and players will find their character awake in a cave after surviving the crash. They immediately find a Fremkit, which will allow players to better survive the harsh environment. With it, they can craft a scrap metal knife and begin their survival journey.

Players harvest resources in Dune: Awakening
Players will need to harvest resources from a plants and rocks in the environment. They must also scavenge from wreckage. (Funcom) 

Bylos admits that Funcom’s games are a little harsh when it comes to introducing players to concepts and the world. With “Dune: Awakening,” they’re trying to fix that by giving newcomers a tutorial area, which also shows off how the movies don’t always show the full vision of Herbert. The developers said Arrakis isn’t all a barren wasteland, and players can find plants and other crafting material in places such as caves or rock formations.

The developers brought over the climbing system from “Conan: Exiles” and they added more features tied to “Dune” such as suspensor belts. Combine that with a grappling hook and other tools and players have plenty of ways to traverse areas, battle enemies and avoid Sand Worms in “Dune: Awakening.” Essentially, players can climb and scramble over any rock or building.

But there are limits to travel, namely players can’t stay in the sun too long because they’ll overheat and risk a sunstroke, which is a punishing condition that reduces players’ water meter. They’ll have to move in the shade and that becomes interesting as the sun travels around the planet casting shadows that change over time. It’s one of those times when the fiction works hand in hand and inspires fascinating gameplay opportunities.

Players start in a cave in Dune: Awakening
In the demo, Funcom showed how plants can be found in caves and crevices, but other material such as metal is a bit more problematic. They solve this by strewing Arrakis with debris from the War of Assassins. Players can scavenge the vessel parts or they can use their mining laser to cut out important parts. Of course, players can mine rocks for minerals, too.

Elsewhere in the demo, Bylos showed a protagonist with a full-on Stillsuit that lets them recycle water more efficiently allowing players to better survive the harsh climes. They also crafted a suspensor belt that minimizes fall damage by letting the float down. The suspensor also allow players to keep momentum so that when they fire a grappling hook and fly upward, they do it smoothly and moving higher than normal.

The team showed off the combat in “Dune: Awakening” and this takes into account shields and the fact that weapons such as the Maula Pistols don’t use explosives. It also showed off that, yes, Funcom can make ranged combat feel fun. Firing bullets will impact enemies in ways that make sense. It’s better to get headshots but if you need to slow them down, hitting them in the legs are good and enemies react accordingly.

Funcom also showed out a Mentats-influenced character. They appear more stealth friendly and can surmise traits and positions of their foes. They also have a hunter-seeker, a small drone that lets the Mentat assassinate foes. They can be seen as long as they’re moving.

Players can team up to battle an NPC base in Dune Awakening
Players can team up to take on enemy bases in “Dune: Awakening.” The combat offer ranged and melee opportunities. (Funcom) 

Not wanting to waste good water, players can exsanguinate their foes. Players essentially act like a vampire and steal their enemies fluids. They can drink them immediately but has penalties. It’s best to bring the bodily remains to the base where they can be purified and turned into safe drinking water.

With base building, Funcom takes what they learned from “Conan: Exiles” and improve on it. Players can claim land but they’ll have pay taxes to the Imperium. From there, they use a hologram system that shows how a base will look like before players devote resources to walls and other objects. Players can even build with friends.

What’s notable is that players can copy a blueprint of their base and rebuild it in another part of the world. They don’t have to do everything from scratch. This is important when players are thinking about taking on the more dangerous parts of “Dune: Awakening” such as the Deep Desert. That’s where PvP is enabled and where players will need to quickly build defenses. It’s better to build the structure in a safe spot and bring it to more dangerous maps.

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