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Who is the new stew on Below Deck? Here’s why fans think it’s Camille Lamb


Camille Lamb on Below Deck Season 10
Will Camille be back on Below Deck? Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck has a new stew joining the St. David team soon, and fans are freaking out that it might be Camille Lamb.

Season 10 of Below Deck featured Camille in all of her attitude glory.

Camille was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn for her attitude halfway through the season.

However, fans are convinced Camille is back after getting a glimpse of the stew replacing Cat Baugh in the Below Deck Season 11 mid-season trailer.

The rumor mill began to buzz about Camille after Bosun Ben Willoughby was shown putting the moves on her in the teaser footage.

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Since her face isn’t shown, Below Deck fans are wondering if Camille is somehow back despite being fired.

Who is the new stew on Below Deck?

Bringing back Camille would add even more drama to Ben’s personal life than what is already happening with Sunny Marquis and now Xandi Olivier.

There will be love-life chaos for Ben, but it won’t be because of Camille. The new stew is not Camille.

Honestly, does anyone really think Below Deck would bring back a fired crew member?

Plus, Camille just revealed she’s looking for love on another reality TV show, that Below Deck fans can see on her very soon.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Paris Fields is the new Below Deck Season 11 stew. Paris’ Instagram bio doesn’t give a lot of information about the blonde beauty, other than she’s Australian and she enjoys traveling.

The blonde beauty has a Below Deck connection with Natalya Scudder from Below Deck Med and Jake Foulger from Below Deck Season 9.

Paris is the ex-fiancee Jake spoke about during his stint on the show. According to Jake, they were only engaged for green card reasons, but he did catch feelings for her, only to have Paris dump him.

We can’t wait to hear her side of this story.

Is Paris Fields dating Ben Willoughby after Below Deck?

Based on the new mid-season trailer, it appears that Ben does what he does best and rocks the boat with his lady drama. Adding more fuel to the fire that something happens between Ben and Paris is a recent Instagram Q&A from Ben

In a video answering questions, Ben revealed that he isn’t single anymore. Ben hinted Below Deck fans will soon meet the new woman in his life, leading us to believe he met her on the show.

Even though Ben is hooking up with Sunny, he continues to flirt with Xandi, so it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Paris turns his head. Paris and Ben do follow each other on social media but that could simply be because of the show.

Blonde beauty Paris Fields will soon be the new addition to the Below Deck Season 11 crew. Paris should debut in either Episode 9 or Episode 10, so be sure to tune in to see her highly anticipated arrival.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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