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Wayne Brady hosts unique group experiment about human generosity with big prize available


wayne brady face shot as he attends the spider man far from home premiere in california
Wayne Brady appeared as host for an intriguing group experiment run by Chime. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/carrie-nelson

Wayne Brady is known for his improv skills on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and for enticing contestants with better offers on Let’s Make a Deal.

He also shows his talents in a touring production of the classic musical, The Wiz.

The 51-year-old recently revealed several other wild jobs he had before television and is now featured as the host of an intriguing group experiment.

While contestants can receive cash prizes for those deals, Pay Progress Forward relies on a group’s generosity to determine whether they win.

A new YouTube video begins with the notion that many Americans live “paycheck to paycheck.”

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However, the financial technology company Chime believes its experiment will show that struggling individuals want to help others in addition to themselves.

Wayne Brady hosts Chime’s group experiment

“You can either double your money, or you can pay it forward. Which would you like to do?” Brady asks the first woman in the video.

The video features five individuals who met with a financial educator and learned how to improve their economic situation.

Away from the people in the experiment, Brady reveals that if the five individuals all choose to be generous by paying it forward, they’ll “unlock $1 million for the entire group.”

However, if only one of them declines to pay it forward, the experiment is over, and nobody gets a million dollars.

Brady spoke to each of the five individuals involved in the experiment about their unique situations involving money. He also asked them to share what they learned from the financial educator.

Brady privately told each individual they would receive money from Chime to help them. However, he then showed them another individual’s image and explained that individual’s situation.

After that, he asked the person he’d presented money to if they wanted to double their money or pay some forward to the other individual.

Check out the video below to see if the group experiment shows human generosity or if someone was unwilling to share their extra amount.

A range of reactions arrived on Wayne Brady and Chime’s group experiment clip on Instagram. Some individuals indicated they would definitely be on board to pay it forward. Other commenters seemed more about doubling the money for themselves.

“The world of the generous gets larger and larger!!! Hoping for generous people here!” a commenter wrote.

Another commenter said they were “crying like it happened” for her and her husband, mentioning they would pay it forward if presented that question.

“I wanna DOUBLE my money so that I can PASS it on to people in need,” a commenter wrote.

screenshot from chime instagram as commenters react to group experiment
Pic credit: @mrbradybaby/Instagram

Brady is quite familiar with seeing individuals risk their winnings for the potential to win bigger life-changing prizes.

He’s hosted CBS’ Let’s Make a Deal since 2009. On the show, Brady tempts contestants to increase their prizes by offering other options. However, they might get a lesser prize than they initially had.

While the recent Chime video was just over five minutes long, it wouldn’t be surprising if that group experiment concept became the basis for a future reality TV competition show based on human generosity.

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