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Letters: Civilian casualties | Humanity for humans


Letters: Civilian casualties | Humanity for humans

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Civilian casualties
unfortunate result of war

Re: “Biden’s Gaza policy is cause for concern” (Page A6, March 13).

The writer contends that the behavior of Israel in Gaza constitutes genocide and that U.S. backing of it is shameful. But I think it’s similar to asking if it was shameful for the United States to back the Allies in World War II. After all, the Allies killed quite a few innocent civilians when fighting tyrants for the survival of those targeted countries.

War is a necessary evil that often results in the loss of innocent lives. I would suggest that those who blithely demand a “cease-fire” or “two-state solution” should take a look at history. Then ask themselves: What do they expect to happen after that cease-fire or two-state solution?

Daniel Mauthe

Why is it so hard to show
humanity to humans?

Re: “Horses from Iceland, dogs from the West Bank landing at JFK” (Page A2, March 20).

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