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Here’s why Mark Consuelos declared ‘I can’t lose’ on Live with Kelly and Mark


Mark Consuelos at a random event
Mark Consuelos is on a winning streak for Stump Mark. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie-nelson

Mark Consuelos is ruling Live with Kelly and Mark lately and has come into his own as co-host with Kelly Ripa.

He is changing the show’s dynamics, which even Ryan Seacrest could not do in the same spot.

Mark is bringing sports topics into every host chat with Kelly Ripa, and he has also gained a large following that looks forward to the Stump Mark trivia segment.

Deadline reported that the show had the highest ratings in January in 3 years and is going strong.

Mark has been worried that he may be taking things too far with the game and has even wondered if he would be canceled over his outrageous behavior in Stump Mark.

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But after a string of winning games, Mark says he is unbeatable, even likening himself to the basketball player Donte DiVincenzo, aka the Big Ragu.

Mark wants to be called The Big Tamale after this win

Kelly announced the Stump Mark game, “Wait for it…It’s time to play Stump Mark!” the audience went wild, anticipating the fun to come.

Samantha Putnam, the contestant, put out two statements in this game: that she had completed a triathlon or learned to play golf last summer.

Mark always does his homework before a game, even writing down crib sheets with facts about the statements to try to reveal the lie or the truth.

Mark asked Samantha about golf with a smug smile because he knew where he was going with his questioning. Kelly was focused on the triathlon and asked how long it took to complete and what the hardest part was.

When she replied that it had been about four hours and that swimming was the hardest, Mark asked how many miles she had swam.

The answer 3 miles shocked him.”Was it an ironman?” Mark quipped. He declared that it wasn’t 3 miles, and when Kelly questioned him, he said, “I just know!”

Mark guessed the truth was the golf and, when he won, said, “Yeah! It’s like March Madness! I’m the Big Ragu. I can’t lose!”

The Big Ragu, Donte DiVincenzo, made news by making a record-setting “11 3-pointers and finishing with a career-high 40 points in a 124-99 victory over the Pistons,” as the New York Post reported.

Mark then announced that he wanted to be called “The Big Tamale” after this win.

Mark hates to lose Stump Mark, and it shows

Kelly and Mark are constantly at odds over Stump Mark. Kelly wants the contestant to win the mug and t-shirt. Mark cannot stand to lose and always does his best to win.

When he does not win, he loses his cool and even stomps off the set, like when he lost to the actress Jane Krakowski. She made a memorable trip back to LIVE to play Mark again.

She had won the last time, and Mark had hoped to win but did not. Making a spectacle of himself, he stormed off the set after his loss.

Everyone loves watching Stump Mark, whether he wins or loses.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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