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Grown-ups can enjoy Legoland, too — but respectfully


My childhood ended decades ago, but I still love dumping out a box of Lego bricks and building stuff with them. Because I love Lego, I love visiting Legoland, too, even though my children now also are grown.

Legoland California celebrated its 25th anniversary this past week. The Carlsbad park opened March 20, 1999, as Legoland’s first theme park in the United States. In honor of its birthday, the park opened Dino Valley, a retheme of its former Explorers Island land.

Legoland has transformed the old Fairy Tale Brook boat ride into Explorer River Quest, with Lego dinosaurs now occupying the space once devoted to fairy tale characters. While I loved the old ride, its jokes had grown stale over two decades and failed to land with many of today’s children. Dinosaurs retain eternal appeal for each new generation of kids, however, so it makes sense for a family-focused park like Legoland to find a home for them.

But you do not have to be a child to admire the impressive work of Legoland’s Master Model Builders, including its new dinosaurs. Yes, Legoland has designed its theme parks around the world, including in California, for families with elementary-aged children. Yet that does not mean that other fans should restrict themselves from visiting.

This raises an important issue for anyone when traveling. Don’t allow others to gatekeep you from visiting the destinations that you want to see. But also always be aware and respectful of how might stand out while visiting.

Legoland wants its young families to feel safe and comfortable when they visit to play. Sure, any theme park operator strives for the same goal, but Legoland works to deliver this comfort by placing families and their young children at the center of its experience. If that’s not you, be gentle with your presence.

With Miniland at its heart, Legoland’s collection of builds provides a compelling attraction for Lego fans of all ages. The Legoland parks offer an intentional style of silly, simple and often ironic humor that also can have broad appeal. So it’s understandable that many fans like me would not want to stop visiting the park forever when they or their children or grandchildren get “too old” to visit.

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