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Tracker Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Lexington


Starting my official petition for Billie to show up intermittently for the rest of the season on various cases to mess with Colter!

Tracker Season 1 Episode 6 had Colter out of the element we’re used to seeing him in, meaning he had a full-fledged partner that wasn’t Reenie and was instead a fellow reward-seeker.

The two had a complicated past that had them dancing around one another all hour in their quest to land a ridiculous reward.

People aren’t the only things Colter will find! If there’s a reward amount attached to it, and as we’ve learned, it doesn’t matter how big or small, Colter is interested in helping.

A missing horse is actually right up Colter’s alley with his tracking skills, and with the potential for an insane payday, he was ready to jump right in to find Argo ahead of a big race.

But he wasn’t expecting to have Billie Matalon along for the ride.

Colter’s a guy who works alone, in the sense that he gets into the nitty gritty all by himself while relying on others to help gather the necessary information needed to push him in the right direction.

Velma and Teddi get the info, and Bobby taps a phone, and just like that, Colter knows exactly where he needs to be and who he needs to talk to. But Colter is the one who’s doing the physical legwork and putting himself into harm’s way.

And for the most part, he’s content to do that alone. That is until he sees Billie again.

You have to love a clever casting call. And bringing Justin Hartley’s real-life wife, Sofia Pernas, to play Billie was just that.

The two have ridiculous chemistry, and it’s amusing to see how their relationship flows throughout the hour as they learn to slowly trust one another all over again.

If Tracker ever decided to do a flashback episode, I’d love to see just what happened between these two in Miami.

From what we can gather from various conversations between the two, they have different ideas about whether Billie was working for Colter or with him, though they seem to agree that Billie screwed him over.

In a job like reward-seeking, it’s everyone for themselves. There are only so many jobs out there, I’d imagine, and with varying pay amounts, you want the entire paycheck, not to have to share it with someone you feel like maybe it’s carrying their weight.

I can see why this is a solo job and why Colter’s fine working things alone because, in general, having too many hands in the pot isn’t a good thing.

But Colter and Billie work well because their strengths play well together, and their instincts line up.

Colter is charming and quick-thinking, but Billie is that and then some. She’s even better than Colter at spinning a little tale and getting what she wants, whereas Colter sometimes tries, fails, and then has to use his muscles to get what he wants.

The missing racehorse was a case neither could give up, and once they realized they were both on it, neither one’s pride would allow them to concede to the other.

Either of them could have figured it out on their own eventually, but working together and even dividing and conquering at times allowed them to speed up the timeline.

There were a lot of suspects when it came to Argo’s kidnapping, and this was truly a whodunnit up until the very end because there were various people who had a reason to take the horse.

Some Tracker hours are more complex than others, and this one was one of those times when there was a lot of information to absorb, and at times, it was a little hard to keep up.

Once Colter and Billie ruled out the rival owner, who also happened to be dating one of Argo’s owners, all suspicion shifted to the other owners of the horse. And if it was one of them, the more significant question became why.

It was obvious that Argo was taken by a professional, and to pull off a heist of that nature, it’d have to be someone with the means to cover their tracks so thoroughly.

Well, at least they thought it’d be thorough enough. They weren’t counting on Colter being on the case.

When Colter and Billie talked to Dr. Glenn, you could tell the man was shady, and his shady factor only went up to 100 when they found Argo’s old trainer dead and syringes on his property.

I won’t pretend to know much about horseracing, but I do know it’s a very cutthroat and lucrative business with many rules in place. People spend a lot of money to keep these horses in great shape so they can race and turn a profit.

When Billie, in all her Billie glory, got Dr. Glenn out of his office so she could snoop through his medical records, it became clear that there was a massive cover-up going on because Argo was not a healthy horse.

The doctor was failing him, as was someone else who was clearly looking to cover up their crimes and willing to kill anyone who threatened to mess up their plans.

Colter and Billie were lucky to make it out of that barn alive.

One thing about Tracker is that there isn’t a lot of action for an action show. But seeing the two navigate that barn as it burned was thrilling, especially considering the simmering tension between them.

It’s not as if I thought either would leave the other to die; that’s not who they are, but it was still nice to see Billie step in to help Colter when he needed it.

Their talk in the truck afterward was also sweet, as they transitioned from subtle flirting to full-blown flirting and almost kissed in a moment, most definitely born from an adrenaline rush.

Billie: If I have permanent damage because I saved you from a burning barn-
Colter: You’re never gonna let me forget about it. Yes, I know.
Billie: Damn right.

It’s unclear whether the two had a romantic relationship in the past, but there are feelings between them, though they’re messy at best.

Both seem somewhat guarded, which manifests in them cracking jokes and hiding certain parts of themselves out of fear. But there’s also a soft vulnerability there, and it would be a shame if Billie is just a one-off character because this may be the first time we saw this side of Colter all season, and I’d like to see more.

But I digress.

Bobby came through with the information they needed to find the money trail, leading them to owner Stuart, who was pulling the strings and had a well-thought-out plan to get away with everything.

But once bodies start dropping and attempted murders take place, you’re losing the plot. And Flynn’s death was really the catalyst for Colter and Billie putting everything together.

I’ve lost count of the number of times Colter has had a gun pulled on it, but I loved that this time it wasn’t Colter beating someone up but instead, Billie getting the drop and saving herself.

It was a nice twist to find out they wouldn’t even be getting paid immediately for all their troubles, but neither one was mad because not only did it seem like they had fun together, but it was important for them to leave the past in the past.

As we know, Colter can’t really do that. At least not as it relates to his family drama. But perhaps working the case with Billie allowed him to see that you can put some things to rest and look ahead.

His wanting to have that dinner with Billie felt like him finally putting the Miami disaster to bed, and even though she took that raincheck, I’d be shocked if she didn’t show back up one day to cash in.

Or that’s what I’m hoping, as I will set up that ‘Bring Billie Back’ petition shortly.

Tracker Notes

  • It’s the Justin Hartley show, and he carries it well, but the season’s best episodes have seen him teaming up with someone in some way. He doesn’t need a full-time partner, but he’s got such great chemistry with people that the team-ups only enhance the story.

  • Another week with no movement on the Shaw Family drama. But there’s still a lot of season left, and this is the slowest of burns.

  • Colter has made his way further east, and I’m still crossing my fingers for a New York adventure!

  • I sound like a broken record to the point I’m annoying myself, but can we get more Bobby? I want to spend more time with him, Tracker writers!

This was such a fun hour and truly a great showcase for why Justin Hartley deserves to be the lead of a show like this.

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you want Billie back?

Drop a comment below and let me know all your thoughts! 

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