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The Warriors can’t decide what they want to be, so the league is deciding for them


Here are two not-so-fun facts about the Golden State Warriors:

• They’re the most expensive team in NBA history.

• With 12 games remaining this season, they’re closer to falling out of the play-in tournament than moving up to the No. 9 seed.

Let these facts be your north stars as the Warriors close out this absurd, incongruous season.

And then let me know where they take you, because, outside of “don’t let the Warriors’ front office manage your investments,” I’m finding it quite difficult to garner purpose or meaning from this cursed campaign.

This team seems to be on a road to nowhere, and it’s as bumpy as an East Oakland side street.

The Warriors, of course, didn’t expect to be in this unbecoming position — No. 10 in the Western Conference. They might not even hold that position much longer, as the young, plucky Houston Rockets, the hottest team in the NBA, are now nipping at their tail, one game away from fully closing what was a five-game gap earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the Warriors, losers of three of their last four, are either a team that has run out of gas or is playing with an entitlement this season’s squad hasn’t earned.

Either way, alarms are ringing, and the Warriors seem stunningly unaffected.

“I don’t give a damn about the Rockets,” Draymond Green said after Sunday’s loss to the Timberwolves.

Green might not care about the Rockets, but they care deeply about him.

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