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Russia Says Arrested 11 Suspects Over Moscow Attack, Claims Terrorists Planned To Flee To Ukraine


The arrested suspects include “four terrorists who were directly involved in the terrorist attack on Crocus”, the statement read. Investigative work to track down other accomplices are ongoing, it added.

After carrying out the attack on Friday night, “the perpetrators tried to escape by car, fleeing towards the Russian-Ukrainian border”, the FSB said on Saturday.

“The criminals intended to cross the Russia-Ukraine border and had relevant contacts on the Ukrainian side,” it added.

According to the agency, “all four terrorists” were arrested in Russia’s Bryansk Region within several hours as a result of well-coordinated actions by the security services and the police. The detainees are now being transferred to Moscow, it added.

The attack on Crocus Crocus City Hall was “carefully planned”, with the perpetrators using weapons that had been placed in a stash in advance, the FSB said.

Russia’s Investigative Committee also confirmed that four suspects, who “committed the terrorist attack” on Crocus City Hall, were detained in Bryansk Region, “not far from the border with Ukraine”.

Crocus City Hall, in the town of Krasnogorsk in Moscow’s western outskirts, was attacked by gunmen on Friday night. It happened before a concert by Russian rock band Picnic, when the venue, which has an estimated capacity of 7,500, was nearly at capacity.

The attackers shot at the crowd indiscriminately then set the building on fire. They managed to flee the scene in what was said to be a white Renault Symbol/Clio car, prompting a large-scale manhunt.

According to Russia’s Investigative Committee, the death toll in the attack has reached at least 115. The Moscow Region Health Ministry said that at least 121 people were also wounded, with 107 requiring hospitalization.

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