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Iran Urges Intl. Investigation Into “Israel’s Crimes” At Al-Shifa Hospital In Gaza


The Spokesman has roundly slammed the Zionist troops’ “inhumane and horrible” crimes against the medical staff, patients, injured and displaced Palestinians in al-Shifa Hospital.

“Al-Shifa Hospital and its premises, as well as the Palestinian patients, medical staff and displaced people, especially women and children who have taken refuge there, have been under heavy and inhuman siege by the Zionist regime’s terrorist army for a week.”

“The mentioned regime has committed horrific crimes in the hospital. Another disgraceful page has been added to the history of the ominous existence and the black list of its crimes,” he added.

Kanaani noted: “Unfortunately, as a result of the savage crimes by the occupying regime, 180 Palestinian patients, medical staff, and displaced people who were under siege in al-Shifa Hospital, lost their lives in the past few days due to blind attacks and barring the delivery of essential food and medical supplies and the surviving individuals are also exposed to gradual death.”

“Amid all this, shocking and horrible reports of torturing, raping and killing Palestinian women locked up in the hospital are also heard, which requires urgent and decisive measure by the international community, including the formation of an international investigative team to shed light on the extent of the Zionist war crimes in al-Shifa Hospital,” he continued.

Kanaani reiterated that Iran strongly condemns the Zionist regime for blatantly violating the international laws and regulations, human rights and international humanitarian rights.

Meanwhile, he reminded the international community and Islamic states of their responsibility to back the oppressed Palestinian nation, especially the residents in the Gaza Strip and the war-stricken people in the besieged territory.

The spokesperson called on legal and international institutions to take an effective, decisive and immediate measure to stop the crimes and file a lawsuit to sue the masterminds, perpetrators and supporters of such humanitarian tragedies and put them on trial.

The Iranian diplomat also stated, “Such savage crimes have proven more than ever that the Palestinian nation has the right to resort to resistance as their legitimate right against the occupation, and will definitely boost the Palestinian nation’s determination and willpower and its steadfastness and heroic resistance to restore its rights, especially the right to decide for its future.”

His remarks came as Israel has been carrying out airstrikes and artillery shelling in and around the medical facility.

Since the start of its genocide in Gaza, Israel has killed more than 32,200 Palestinians, most of them women and children, and injured over 74,500 others.

The regime has also imposed a “complete siege” on the territory, cutting off fuel, electricity, food, medicine and water to more than two million Palestinians living there.

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