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Zach Nichols jokes ‘marriage is a gift’ as Jenna Compono says she has ‘envy’ for other families


the challenge star zach nichols face shot from war of the worlds 2
Zach Nichols last appeared in The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV

Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono continue to enjoy the ups and downs associated with marriage and raising a house full of children.

After a rocky relationship on MTV’s The Challenge, they’ve seemingly settled down away from reality TV.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Jenna and Zach welcomed their third child weeks ago, a daughter named Carmella Jean Nichols.

She joined the family, which includes their son, Anthony Michael, and daughter, Liliana Marie, who was born in 2022.

Zach, who now hosts a podcast focused on The Challenge and other reality TV shows, has even brought his son Anthony into the studio while recording for the episodes.

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In a recent social media post, he joked that “marriage is a gift” as he also claimed he was “banned” from a place where his son was playing.

Zach calls ‘marriage a gift’ and claims he got ‘banned’ from play area

Taking to Instagram, Zach shared video footage of himself climbing inside a children’s play structure, possibly a fun center or arcade. Based on his caption, he may have been attempting to get his son Anthony out of there despite Jenna saying she would.

Zach also claimed in his remarks that he’d been “banned from this establishment” after entering the structure.

“Jenna insisted to let Anthony go in this play area, insisting she’ll go up and get him if he needs it. Explain to me how I became the creepy old guy in the kids play structure. I am now banned from this establishment. Marriage is a gift that truly never stops giving,” Zach wrote in his caption.

It’s unclear if Zach was “banned,” as he claimed in his caption, although Jenna added additional comments about what happened.

“You also were supposed to take your shoes off,” she wrote in one remark and mentioned he “stepped on a little girls head” in another.

screenshot of jenna compono comments on husband zach nichols instagram post were he said he was banned from establishment
Pic credit: @zachnichols15/Instagram

Jenna shared why she has ‘envy’ for other families

While Zach and Jenna seem to be enjoying marriage and kids, she recently admitted she’s envious of at least one thing other families have that they don’t.

She shared an Instagram carousel post featuring a photo of herself and Zach smiling on a large bed. Their three kids were with them. Jenna cradled their newborn Carmella in one arm while Zach kept Anthony and Liliana on his lap.

As seen in the image, Zach and Jenna are the only two members of the group who smiled properly for the family photo.

The second black-and-white photo shows the family seated together on a staircase. Carmella is fast asleep on Jenna’s lap. Anthony is leaning back, and Liliana has something in her mouth. Zach was also looking at his son rather than at the camera.

“I really envy the families that can get a good family photo…we are NOT that family 😅🙃,” Jenna joked in her caption.

Jenna’s carousel post received over 16,000 Likes, suggesting that others might relate to her comment or find her and Zach’s situation with the kids humorous.

Viewers last saw Jenna on MTV’s Total Madness season, where she lost in an elimination to Aneesa Ferreira. Zach hasn’t appeared since reaching the final of War of the Worlds 2 and losing as part of the Team USA finalists.

It’s unclear if and when they plan to return to the competition. One has to believe a future All-Stars season might have a short enough filming schedule to give one or both a break from the kids.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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