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Here’s why Jinger Duggar might be pregnant


Jinger Duggar confessional
Could Jinger Duggar be expecting her third child? Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have two little girls, and they might be expanding their family.

They welcomed Felicity in 2018 and Evangeline in 2020.

Whether they plan to have more children hasn’t been directly answered by Jinger and Jeremy, but it seems inevitable at least one more child will be added to their family.

During a recent ad she did, the product raised some suspicion. Jinger has been sharing products and receiving commissions for quite some time now. Several of her sisters also do it.

While most of the things she chooses to promote are products she uses or followers would believe she would.

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This time, though, her ad caused quite a stir.

Could Jinger Duggar be expecting?

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Jinger Duggar did a promo for a crib mattress.

With a school-aged child and a three-year-old, what could Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo be doing with a crib?

The obvious answer is that it was a subtle hint that the couple is expecting their third child. But is that the case?

Redditors weighed in on what they believed was behind Jinger’s odd promotion.

One suspected she was expecting again, saying, “Maybe she’s just pregnant again???? It’s not far off to think right?? I wouldn’t doubt that her and Jeremy would try for a boy. Tbh I haven’t heard of todlers sleeping in a bed but everyone’s different.”

Another wrote, “That’s my guess too. I think Newton mattresses are breathable for babies. I don’t think they are waterproof so I wouldn’t want one for a toddler.”

Someone else said, “I wouldn’t put it past them to try for one more and then stop there, baby boy Vuolo or not. LA is really expensive and I can’t see them going for more, even with the grift.”

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Pic credit: u/chlaumc/Reddit

Will a pregnancy announcement be forthcoming?

Although the crib mattress promo was an odd choice for Jinger Duggar, we don’t necessarily believe she is expecting.

Earlier this month, Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of his wife where she very clearly did not have a baby bump. The share got plenty of attention because some thought she looked too thin.

If Jinger is pregnant, they will likely announce it with a video or something that would be monetized. The couple has done well trying to monetize their lives following the cancellation of Counting On, which is likely why she chose to share the crib mattress.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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